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Key Board Key Press Help me

Post icon  Posted 18 October 2008 - 10:47 PM

Good morning dear friend, sir,

i am a vb 2005 programmer and new to my questeion is below

i have a text box and datagrid view when i press any key in key board on this control then a message box should display ("you have press key in the key board + text box name") or( datagrid view coloum name) please write me the code
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Re: Key Board Key Press Help me

Posted 18 October 2008 - 10:49 PM

It is site policy that we ask a person to show their "best effort" at attempting to solve the problem themselves. This means we DO NOT do people's homework for them. So if you write something up and have a problem, then we can jump in and guide you through to a solution, but we do not do custom programming for people.... sorry.

Thanks for helping us help you. :)
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