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How to preload images for slide show for sharing same image for thumbn

Posted 23 October 2008 - 02:17 AM

Hi all,

I'm a programmer of Visual Basic and C# and new to Flash ActionScript. But I'm not good in the programming concept in ActionScript. Now, I have a project to deal with Flash AS3. I need to create a flash slide show with an index panel showing the thumbnail. I want to load the images dynamically at runtime.... using XML (I know how to do the XML). But the problem is, I need to preload the images using loader class... after loading the image file, I want this image share to the big image and thumbnail (the reason is loading 1 image for 2 MovieClip, saving bandwidth).... and there is some transition effect on the slide show also.

The question is: Could someone teach me how to preload the images and each image share to 2 Movie Clips?

Here is the flash that I did with static images http://www.covermagazine.biz/home.aspx. The one under the menu bar.

Best regards,

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