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New to it all...

Post icon  Posted 15 November 2008 - 01:29 AM

Okay. I have had a little experience in C++ and others, but what I want to do is make a program for a drag racing tree.

The equipment I know I will need is some kind of sender receiver sensors(at least 3 of each). An assortment of lights(4 yellow small(staging lights) 6 yellow large 2 green large and two red large). For those that are familiar with a staging tree, there are timing lights at the end of the track. I don't need those. If I can all I need to do is have the times displayed on my computer.

How I want the programing set up is just like at the track. Cars stage, 1 second, all 6 large yellow lights flash, then green light goes. I would like a timer for two cars to start once cars leave the sensors and to stop when they hit the sensors at the end of the track. Then have the times for each car displayed on my computer.

I'm coming here to just get started. I'm not sure how to hook up all the sensors and lights to my computer. I'm thinking I'll need some kind of chip set that has everything soldered into it and then have it connected to my computer USB. (I'm guessing)

I am running a mac by the way.

So help would be appreciated!


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Re: New to it all...

Posted 15 November 2008 - 06:42 AM

Connecting the components to your computer and talking to them will probably be the hardest part. USB would be your best chance. Also, I would suggest reading Apple's IO Kit for USB
You'll also need to find drivers for your sensors and whatnot before you can use them in your program.
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