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dream.in.code newsletter 22 - just YEH BABY!

Posted 17 October 2001 - 12:16 AM

Issue 21 - Wednesday October 17, 2001
In this issue from www.dreamincode.net

Brought to you by:
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host of dream.in.code! Prices start at just ŭ.25/mo

1. Site News and Stats
2. Announcements and Forum Threads
3. Industry News for Web Developers
4. Ramble - From Chris Kenworthy
5. Ramble - From The Neoracle

1. News @ dream.in.code

Well we got some news, yup yup! First thing, we
finally broke 10,000 posts! YAY! Ok enough with that
crap, next on the news list... the dream.in.code
developers guild. Much talk lately about the guild
and I know everyone is anxious to join it so here is
an update:


We have also updated the homepage - again - and it
now has a new little feature on it, we will be
posting great sites and just generally good stuff
on the homepage now, kind of a blogger, but much
cooler... or something like that.

So the guild will be up and running in a few weeks
so save your บ and get your portfolios ready! I
will be driving to Denver next Wednesday for the XP
launch so stay tuned for the highlights of the

Thats it for this week I guess... read on!

NO WAIT, That is not all! Many of you have tried
to submit articles, well obviously that system
had/has some bugs in it, well 90% of them are
worked out and you will soon be able to post
everything from C++ to PHP to HTML to Javascript
code and it will actually show up. Probably by
next week that system will be working again, so
get your articles and tutorials ready!

dream.in.code currently has:

116 Resources: http://www.dreamincode.net/resources
48 Tutorials: http://www.dreamincode.net/tutorials
22 Forums: http://www.dreamincode.net/forums.htm

Total Members: 649
Total Posts: 10486
Total Topics: 1223

Average number of topics started by a member: 1.88
Average number of replies by a member: 16.1

2. Announcements and Forum Stuff

*Submit a resource or link of your own*
http://dreamincode.net/cgi-bin/links/add.c...>*dream.in.code developers guild*

*Top 25 things that drive Chris insane on Homepages*
http://www.dreaminco...-bin....*Anyone going to the XP launch in Denver?*

3. Industry News

JSP Quick-Start Guide...
WebmasterBase   Tue Oct 16 18:51:23 MDT 2001  

Managing Web Development Strategies...
Sunday Business Post   Tue Oct 16 15:16:30 MDT 2001  

Managing the Managed Host...
Web Host Industry Review   Tue Oct 16 06:52:00 MDT 2001  

Gotmarketing Offers Html Email Creation Software...
Opt-in News   Tue Oct 16 06:40:37 MDT 2001  

Asiacontent.com Abandons Web Development Business...
BizReport.com   Tue Oct 16 00:49:34 MDT 2001  

News powered by Moreover Technologies...

4. Ramble - From Chris Kenworthy

#### Yeh, it has indeed been a week, yup... filled
with 7 days, a week full of stuff, not really fun
stuff, but stuff. That was not my week! My week was
spent doing nothing, yup, nothing, I went to Balloon
Fiesta and had a good time there, most of my time
was spent doing homework, work work, and coding
stuff for the dream.in.code developers guild. Ummm
I'm getting anxious to go to denver next week, never
been to denver so it is gonna be pretty slick. Uhhh
I have no clue what else to say, I always miss a ton
of stuff in the ramble cause I have to write about
all the other crap at the top, so go re-read the top
and yeh... BE HAPPY #### IT! GNight!

Best Regards,

Chris Kenworthy
Web Master
a.k.a SkyHawk133
[email protected]

5. Ramble - From The Neoracle

Hey everyone, I talked Chris in to letting me get
some space in the newsletter to rant, rave, hassle
and generally annoy everyone.  The past week or so
there has been much talk about things Chris and I
hate on Homepages.  I have been contacted by a
couple of you that want to know just what site is
worthy of my admiration.  So, Chris has set up a
little space on the front page so that a few of us
can post links and blurbs for everyone to check out.
I will be sure to post sites that I come across that
gain my admiration, but until I find some new ones,
I just thought Id give you guys some links to some
of my oldies, but goodies.

First off, my favorite
Portfolio Site: http://www.rorycampbell.com  WOW!
Very nice work. I love the colors and the navigation

Second, I will send you guys over to
http://www.mikecina.com  Mike is THE vector
illustrator in my mind. He is amazing and his work
is always out of this world.

Third, this may not
be the best website, but his art work is top notch.
http://www.deaddreamer.com  AMAZING stuff.
(Warning, some content may not be suitable for
younger members.)

Fourth, http://www.floodgear.com
Human or Machine? and i'm not refering to the website.

Well, that should keep you guy and gals busy and
dreaming.  Until next time, happy surfing,

The Neoracle
[email protected]

How to get off this newsletter:

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Re: dream.in.code newsletter 22 - just YEH BABY!

Posted 01 September 2014 - 08:41 PM

Doing some necro-lurking and thought this one would be fun to point out

Just look at how much this place has grown since then, just wow man
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Re: dream.in.code newsletter 22 - just YEH BABY!

Posted 01 September 2014 - 09:32 PM

DIC certainly has grown up. Let's not dredge up old threads though. ;)
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