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Qi II Released, 'Functional Programming in Qi (second edition)'

Posted 27 November 2008 - 04:38 PM

Qi II has been released. It has also been announced that 'Functional Programming in Qi (second edition)' has also been published. Qi is a Common Lisp-based programming language offering pattern matching, l calculus consistency, optional static type checking, and other features.

This release of Qi includes: a complete reimplementation of Qi, a new license, support for type secure lazy evaluation on demand, improved Common Lisp integration, improved Prolog interoperability, support for rule closures, improved dependent type handling, and other changes.

The new edition of 'Functional Programming in Qi (second edition)' includes: a new chapter on abstract programming, a new chapter on compiling sequent calculus, a revised final section explaining rule closures, Qi YACC and Qi Prolog documentation, and other changes.

From: Qi II Released, 'Functional Programming in Qi (second edition)' Published


From: http://xfruits.com/s...127_193818.html

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