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NAG Fortran Compiler Release 5.2 Released

Posted 27 November 2008 - 04:28 PM

NAG Fortran Compiler Release 5.2 has been released. It is a multi-platform Fortran compiler.

This release includes: support for procedure pointers, object-bound procedures, scalar allocatable variables, support for more intrinsic functions appearing in initialisation expressions, recursive input/output, the ASSOCIATE construct, the MOVE_ALLOC intrinsic subroutine, support for renaming user-defined operators via the USE statement, compilation speed improvements, faster allocation and deallocation of scalar pointers, faster intrinsic functions, threading improvements, support for quad precision REAL on all platforms, runtime error messages that specify the location of the error, more warnings, and other changes.

From: NAG Fortran Compiler Release 5.2 Released


From: http://xfruits.com/s...127_192813.html

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