After Popup Window Closes, Can I Push A Button?

Javascript to activate controls?

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After Popup Window Closes, Can I Push A Button?

Post icon  Posted 17 June 2003 - 02:18 PM

Whats up everyone. This may be confusing, so bare with me.

I created an icon that when pressed, will open a new window directing the user to another aspx. page (using Javascript). In the new window, I have a text box, and search button that does some code behind work of its own. The search button retrieves a list from the database, and the user selects one of the items in the retrieved data. When they click it, the window will automatically close, and the value of the item they pressed will be put into the textbox on the original screen. This all works fine for me.

Here is what I would like to do, if possible.....

When the user selects the item they want from the pop up window, and after the window closes, is there a way (I'd guess using Javascript) to push a button on the original screen under the pop up window.

So in other words... User clicks icon in window 1. Window 2 pops up. User selects a link in Window 2. Window 2 closes. The value of the link is put into a textbox on Window 1. Then...I want the button next to the textbox on Window 1 to be automatically pressed.

I know that the user just has to click a button, how lazy can we be now...!
But still, if there is a way I can somehow push it for them to perform the search that
would be good.

Or maybe there is some sort of "window close" script that could push the button?
ie. Window 2 closes, and pushes a button on Window 1.

Any suggestions? I'm coding in ASP/ but I think this would require Javascript.
Any help is appreciated... thank you! :rolleyes:

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Re: After Popup Window Closes, Can I Push A Button?

Posted 17 June 2003 - 02:25 PM

See my post in your topic in ASP/.NET
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