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Current Projects

Posted 23 January 2009 - 02:11 PM


Customizable chat client with separate administration panel.

This started as a project to make a more cost effective RPG chat for people I know who run them. By designing it so that the RPG factor isn't the driving one it can have a wider range of clients.

Modules that have been developed: spellchecker, text search, profiles, invisible moderators, dice roller, character sheet integration, local and db logs, font customization, emoticons, chatter notes, moderator notes, room descriptions, private rooms, private messaging, buddies list, sounds.

Modules in the works: Map room, war room, game in game (IE: Go), themes, event calendar, web based access to chat server.


I've been annoyed with my macro encrusted excel marking file so I'm developing my own faculty marks tracking and reporting software. Database with course info (including project and exam weights) and student info (student numbers and attendance) and customizable reports for printing (class or individual marks).

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