COM/ActiveX object in Visual C++

Unable to run C++ COM/ActiveX object in

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COM/ActiveX object in Visual C++

Posted 17 February 2009 - 09:46 PM


Intro :
o I am working on a project in Visual C++
o I am using MS Visual Studio 2005.
o I am trying to create a COM/ActiveX object.
o I went through many web samples, got some idea, could create the object, can open in, can view members, but faces run time error - "catastrophic failures".

Expected output :
o The development (MUST) be in C++.
o The output file (MUST) come with an insertable button.
o The output file (MUST) able to be opened and executed in or any other languages.
o The output file "preferred" (NOT A MUST) to be with extension ocx.

Questions :
1) If I create using MFC ActiveX Control, then it can run only in another MFC application. is it true?
2) Is it possible to create a C++ dll file which comes with insertable button and could be called/executed in
3) If I use below method (as in the image file), can I achieve my expected output? If not, what is the right method to start?
4) Is there any changes I should do in Project Properties/Configurations?
5) Is there any other way I can achieve my expected output?

Please guide me.

with warmest regards,

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