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LLVM 2.5 Released

Posted 03 March 2009 - 05:55 PM

LLVM 2.5 has been released. LLVM is a portable compiler infrastructure, offering a compilation strategy that allows for compile-time, link-time, run-time and offline program optimization.

This release includes: a new Clang driver providing a GCC-compatible interface, support for the x86-64 ABI, support for precompiled headers, improved Objective-C support, support for variable length arrays and C99 designated initializers, Clang bug fixes, improvements to the Clang static analyzer, a new XCore backend, native code generator support for arbitrary precision integers, LLVM IR improvements, optimizer improvements, documentation updates, bug fixes, and other changes.

From: LLVM 2.5 Released


From: http://xfruits.com/s...303_205550.html

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