Game Development And its possibilites

Possibilites in the feild of Game Development Using Flash

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Game Development And its possibilites

Posted 19 March 2009 - 09:37 PM

Hello All,

I am mainly a web developer and do some small to medium scale app development also. Recently i came across Adobe Flash, Action Script and AIR. So after much research and trials i am now confident that i have learned enough flash to develop a full fledged flash game.

But what i want to know before proceeding into a totally different field is, the main possibilities of such an arena. What i mean by possibilities is mainly about the economic factor.

That is if i develop a somewhat new and not so bad flash game, how much can i earn from that. What are the ways that i can monetize my work.

I know it is hard to tell it with out seeing the work or at least the quality. But what i want to know is only an average range, or even lower end ( consider the game to be off poor quality and is only a new version of an existing theme).

Also i like some good advices from those who are already in the field of Flash Game Development on good practices and things i must know before proceeding.

This is not only my problem. I am pretty sure that many people out their is looking for answers for this question.

Hope to get Good Responses Soon.. :)

Thankyou In Advance.

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Re: Game Development And its possibilites

Posted 20 March 2009 - 05:35 AM

If you are looking to sell a flash game it will probably be a lower amount than you would think (due to Flash stuff mainly) but you can expect 5 to 15 dollars. If you are making flash applications like components and other things making life easier for other developers you can get up to 50 dollars. So, the price ranges quite a bit.

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