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Posted 21 March 2009 - 07:30 PM

Virtual Memory Minimum Too Low
We have to set our virtual memory in just a little bit of step
First, Go to: Start> Control Panel> System
and click [Advanced]
On the Performance Category, Click the [Settings]
Looks like this
Posted Image

A new window will appear, called "Performance Options"
Click the Tab name "Advanced" and click [Change]

A new window will appear, called "Virtual Memory"
Now, we have to change our virtual memory
Look up on this picture first
Posted Image

1. Select a drive for Virtual Memory
2.Select Custom Size
Set the initial Size and Maximum Size (MB) of Virtual Memory
If you don't have a default initial size (i mean, the textbox is empty)
copy this default initial size = 384
This is the formula to get the balance Virtual Memory
Initial Size=IS
Maximum Size =MS

If you look at to my virtual memory it is, 3,072 (3072=1536*2)

3. Click Set and restart computer
4. Click Ok

Now run your games simultaneously to see results

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