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psuedo-experienced game designer looking to go indie

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ribeye's intro

Posted 27 March 2009 - 06:19 AM

Name:Jay Ellsworth
Height:5' 11"
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Education: 2 year gen ed
Programming Languages:C++, a little C#
Years Programming/Designing:hobbyist game designer/level designer since '99
Employer: Veridian Credit Union (day job), Escape Artist Games (hobby jobby)
Hobbies/Interests: playing and creating video games
Favorite Bands: NIN
Favorite Movie: uh, too many to choose
Favorite Color: clear
Favorite Number: 4
Favorite Beverage: Dr. Pepper & red beer
Favorite Food: meat
Favorite Sport: slaying zombies
Favorite Phrase: ya' never know, ya' know?
Favorite Animal: liger
Favorite Video Game: oooo that's a hard one, currently L4D
Favorite Quote: i have no idea (that's not a quote, i really have no idea)
Likes: old people that smoke
Dislikes: the global economy
Last Good Book I Read: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
If I Could Have One Superhuman Ability, It Would Be: healing powers

Ok, so there's the template, now here's a bit more:

i'm looking for some advice and my searching led me here, let me give a brief intro:

i'm a 35 year old gamer from way back and i currently fix computers for a living. i took a couple C++ classes in the past, math up through calculus 2 and an engineering physics course. i've fiddled with the XNA creators club tools and C# a bit. i had a 2 year stint in game design as a lead level designer on an mmo called Glympse that never made it out of puberty, shit happens, it sucked and i was sad when the project died ='(

anyway, i'm not trying to brag, i just want you to know i'm not exactly a n00b and i'm generally a pretty fast learner

long story short, i've been a hobby game designer for years (at least in my own mind =) but mostly in the level design arena for a variety of games and game types. i have 2 or 3 game ideas fairly fleshed out and i've decided to learn from the mistakes of others and start small for my first game. i hope i am correct in thinking that a browser-based game would be a good place to start, as opposed to a full-blown FPS

i'm here because i'd like to make a browser-based mmo in which each player directly controls a single character in real time so players can get instant feedback on their actions and i'm not sure which language to learn.

i've been checking out a lot of browser based games lately, including urban dead, ikarium, tagoria and also tribal wars which i love, but i'm thinking more along the lines of dead frontier which has you directly controlling a single character around a trashed out city filled with zombies

my 2 main priorities are persistence and multiplayer

it's nice to meet everyone and i'm glad to be here,


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Re: ribeye's intro

Posted 27 March 2009 - 06:55 AM

Hello Jay.

One thing I gotta say...quit yer braggin'!
:P just kidding!

It's pretty cool that you fix computers for a living. My husband does that too. I'd like to learn everything about computers!!! So I for one am glad you're here. Another person I can ask about stuff.

Do you like Calculus? My brother is so frickin' smart...he teaches the stuff and has never had a Calc class...he just knows it. Me, I haven't taken Calc yet, not looking forward to it either, if it's anything like verifying trig identities....*shudder* :crazy:

Anyway I'm trying to say Welcome to Dream.In.Code.

I hope you like the site!
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Re: ribeye's intro

Posted 27 March 2009 - 07:45 AM

Hello OliveOyl!

Thanks for the warm welcome =)

And yes, I like calculus, actually i liked it much better than algebra or any other pre-calculus math course, it just makes sense in my head. it is pretty different than trig but it's nothing to be afraid of, it's kind of like a fresh start in a way, as far as math is concerned anyway

and i can definitely help with any computer questions, i ended up doing that for a living because i'm good at it. i'm kind of an anomaly in my department because i'm the only one that didn't go to school for it, i have exactly 0 degrees that relate to PC repair and no certifications, so i have nothing on paper other than my resume that says i know anything about computers but i have just over 10 years experience doing it for a living =)

i'm brainstorming how to convert one of my game ideas from its original form into a browser-based mmo and i'm really hoping to make some connections here and get this thing off the ground

thanks to the current economic situation, the indie game scene is absolutely exploding right now and i want in
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