Using Loadmovie To Target To A Different Url

loadMovie and to direct it

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Using Loadmovie To Target To A Different Url

Posted 18 September 2004 - 11:21 PM

hello all,
i'm really new in the actionscripting department in flash and am really hoping someone can help me. this is what's going on. i have two .swf files now.. there will be more. when published, i have my coding to have the main.swf open the target.swf, so that two windows are opened and they are side by side. in the main.swf, there are buttons. i would like to have actions on the buttons to change what's going on in the target.swf.
i was told about levels, and tried that, but have had better luck with using an empty movie clip and targetting where it goes. so i put the empty movie clip in the target.swf and named the instance. in the main.swf, i have the button loadMovie with the third.swf and targetting it to the instance name of the empty movie clip. the thing opens up in the main.swf and not the target.swf. and the target.swf does open third, but it's right when the target.swf is opened and not when the button is pushed on the main.swf.
i hope i haven't confused anyone. i'm needing this to work asap. if anyone can help me, i would greatly appreciate it. thanks again!

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Replies To: Using Loadmovie To Target To A Different Url

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Re: Using Loadmovie To Target To A Different Url

Posted 19 September 2004 - 11:52 PM

sounds like you're not trageting the movie clip correctly.

make sure taht in the loadMovie action you have the name of the external swf in brackets, and the target directed to a named movie clip instance in the main swf, (not in brackets)... easiest way to load movies..

   loadMovie("other.swf", _root.movieClip);


... this is a button script, of course.

now if you want to talk to your loaded external swf from your main swf, you just target it like a normal movie clip AS IF it was already in your main swf..

example: a button in main which tells a movie clip named, for example, "anima" inside the external swf to play..


.. of course i've given example movieclip names. make sure you have named everything and that you've targeted those movieclips correctly. That's the most common problem.

Also, I've used _root, you can also use _parent and this depending on what you're talking to and from where ;)

hope i haven't confoosed ya.. if you want i'll make you an example file of what I mean..

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