Sig of the Month/ SoTM Ideas

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Sig of the Month/ SoTM Ideas

Posted 11 April 2009 - 09:18 PM

Signature of the Month Rules
First off:
All site rules apply to signatures used in the contest!
Moderators and Admin will be able to take place in the contest, at least for now.

Max signature size allowed it 600x200 (width by height), however this doesn't mean that you can wear them, if you wish to be able to use your signature on Dream in Code, please follow the signature sizes outlined by the site rules HERE

All content used in the making of your signature must be acceptable for all ages of viewers. That typically means PG 13 or less, this is explained in more depth in the Creation section (below).
No pornography, nudity, cursing, etc.
Your signature must follow the month's theme to be considered in the voting.

Creation: UPDATED
Signatures must be made, in full, by the posted. Ripping is not acceptable under any circumstances. You may not pay someone to makea signature for you and enter it into this contest.
The signature must have your current Dream in Code username in it.
The signature must be made for the current SoTM contest, no old signatures are allowed.
The use of stock photoes, renders, and images is allowed.
Pre-manipulated photoes, renders, and images are not allowed.
Only one signature is allowed per user per month. If you submit multiple signatures only the first one will be added for voting.
Signatures must follow the theme of the month they are entered for.
Signatures must be for the SoTM contest. No signatures used in the SoTW contest are valid for SoTM entry.

Posting: UPDATED
Please either upload your photo on DIC, an image hosting site, or your own host. The image will have to be online for the length of the contest and its voting period, after which point you may remove it.
Please include the image URL in your post as well as the image. An example may look like so:
[code ][ /code]

*But without the spaces in the code tags*

Chit Chat:
Please keep non-entry posts in the entries thread to a minumum. We will have an extra thread for discussion.

Voting and the Point System
Voting will take place during the first week of the month following the current contest. For instance, if the contest were in Januray, the voting for the contest would take place between February 1st and February 7th. During this time people may cast their ballot for who they believe is best, there is to be NO flaming during this process.
The Point System will consist of a possible 3 points per person voting. The first name listed in the post will earn 3 points, the second 2, and the third 1. All subsequent names listed will recieve 0 points. A sample post may look like so:


3 Skyhawk
2 Martyr
1 BetaWar

I ask that you post each name on separate lines, just to make things easier. You can't list a single person more than 1 time in your votes, if you do they will only recieve the points for the first time they are listed, and all points following that will be disregarded.

The winner of each SoTM contest (see voting and point system for more infomation) will be given a special userbar, or icon to add in their signature.
Winners also get to choose the next SoTM theme!

SoTM rules are subject to change at any time without notification.

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Replies To: Sig of the Month/ SoTM Ideas

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Re: Sig of the Month/ SoTM Ideas

Posted 06 July 2009 - 09:10 PM

Having trouble comming up with ideas to use for the SoTM theme? Have no fear, just go ahead and look at this list! Sorry if there are any repeats. Want to add to this list? PM me with the subject line "SoTM Theme Ideas".

Hot girls/boys (keep it PG)
SoTM promotional
Visual Studio
MS Office
Web Browsers
Internet Philosophy
Code (as in the text itself)
Leaves/ Nature
Pop star
Music legend
Video Games
Vintage Guitars
Classic Rock
Game Consoles
PC Hardware
"Hello World"
Circuit boards
black and white
Seasons: spring/summer/autumn/winter
Artist Impressions (you could specify an artist for everyone to do an impression of, or you could just leave it like that, and the entrant would have to specify their artist) - also supply a link to their work that you were doing an impression of.
Art Attack
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