SQL Server Management Studio 2005 Import and Export

Registering SQL Server username and password

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SQL Server Management Studio 2005 Import and Export

Post icon  Posted 17 April 2009 - 05:40 AM

Hi all,

I have the full addition of SQL 2005 installed on my machine and I Have two questions:

1. I register a sql server in the Registered Server window with username/password, and able to connect to the servers without having to enter my username/password. However, if I attempt to use the Import and Export Wizard I have to enter my username passord for SQL server authenitcations everytime.

How do I get the Management Studio to remember my username/password in the Import/Export Wizard?

2. I remember in SQL 2000 I could move tables back end forth between live and development server with no problems. With Studio Management I have to drop a table before importing it from the other sql server.

Is there easier way to do this in Server Management Studio? or What is a better way (best practice) to update my dev server with the live data?


PS: Can I post my blog address after my signature? I am new to this forum.

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